Meet Helen

I live in the heart of the Somerset countryside and photography is my celebration of life, it’s a connection to the flow of life and I love what I do.  We all have a story to tell from the simplest kiss on the cheek, a new born baby or the magnificence of a wedding day, life is beautiful and through my photography I work to capture the essence of each smile or moment presented to me.  Nothing delights me more than handing over a portfolio of work that brings joy and ultimately memories of an occasion marked by my photography.  My life is about people and I can only be as good as the wonderful people I have met and worked with over the years.  It is always a joy to watch people shine in unique and beautiful ways!

My earliest memories of photography reach back to the African bush and my Grandfather’s quirky fold away dark room where he magically produced the most beautiful images from his print trays.  Those dripping wet images pegged on a make-shift line and swathed in the red ‘safe light’ of his little darkroom left an abiding love of the photographic art form.  I have been a professional photographer since 2008 and have a BAHons in photography.

Photographer Somerset, UK, Helen Ives


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